Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hey everyone, it's Marina here.  Big news!  I'll be joining Dan (aka Heavy) on the trail!  Next weekend, on June 1, I'm flying from Connecticut to LAX, getting a ride from our friend Anna F., and then we are heading to Hiker Heaven (aka Sauflys' trail angel house) in Agua Dulce, where Dan will hopefully be waiting for us.

I can't say I was glad to have, but I needed all this time in Connecticut after my dad died three weeks ago.  I needed for myself, and to help my mom with the thousand things that needed to be done (and many of which are still not done!)  My mom is, for now, still living in Stamford, CT, on her own now.  And now that I am almost done with the things I've been doing here, I'm also excited to meet Dan on the trail.  I am looking forward to the trail, and frankly, backpacking the PCT is the only thing I can imagine doing for the next 4 months of my life anyway, soooooo...... good thing we are hiking the PCT!  I will see how it goes day by day.

I've been doing a little training here as a preparation for returning to the trail.  In fact, last weekend I did a little solo overnight on the Appalachian Trail in Kent, CT - a mere 1.5 hour drive from my childhood home.  The trail was beautiful, and I added a solid 14 miles to my long-distance mileage this summer (4 on Saturday evening, and then 10 miles the next day - all done before 3 pm).   Met a really awesome hiking pair: grandpa-grandson, who are section-dayhiking the entire AT on the weekends, going on 5 years now.  They live in Bethel, CT, and every weekend (when the grandson doesn't have school) they do an overnight, I guess - the grandma drives them and picks them up each day or something.  And buys them chocolate chip cookies.  They were awesome.

Here are some photos from that trip!  I did say hi to the AT for Dan, too.

Anyway, stay tuned next week for our updates... from the trail!  If you are in SF and want to be in touch this summer - Dan and I both have our cell phones with us, so email and phone are good ways to pass along messages.... and please send us mail here (will be updated with Sierra mailing addresses soon).


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  1. Yay, Marina! :) Can't wait to see you both in July!