Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Warner Springs (mile 109)

I got back to Mount Laguna from the San Diego airport at 1 on Sunday, had a quick lunch and bought some supplies, and got back on the trail.  I made it out 9 miles that evening, then did some bigger miles the next two days (25 and 24) and we cruised in to the Warner Springs community resource center, where they're cooking up food and selling hiker supplies, today before noon.  We already ate a second breakfast, are going to eat lunch soon, and are going to hike out some of the delicious locally made pork sausage for dinner tonight.

The desert scenery is beautiful and surprisingly varied.  Everything from meadow to forested stream to high winding switchbacks above big gullies.  A lot of flowers, a variety of lizards, some hawks, some cows.

Hiking with two guys, Maverick (23, from Kentucky) and Viper (34, from Oslo).  It's been good to have company, and has definitely made it easier to keep covering ground.

I have some blisters but that's expected.  Really sore calves, also expected.  My knee, which I was worried about, is holding up great so far!

Having a good time.  More pictures when I can, and maybe an update from Idyllwild on Sunday or so.


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