Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Casa de Luna, and where to mail us things

Success!  After the first 25 miles of hiking together from Agua Dulce, we reached Casa de Luna, a famous trail angels' house in Green Valley, CA.  It is famous because it's known as "hippie day care" and everyone wears hawaiian shirts.

We decided to hang out for the rest of the day here, to have lunch at Green Valley Cafe (see pics), and do some laundry.  Heading out tonight toward Hikertown, and on to the Mojave.  No blisters so far, and we are enjoying the cool, breezy weather!

We wanted to let people know how to send us mail: both letters and packages.  The next good place is in Mammoth Lakes, CA, and we may get there around the first week in July (perhaps around July 4), or a bit earlier.  The Motel 6 there holds packages for PCT hikers; you can mail anytime and they will have it for us when we get in.  Please be sure to email myself or Dan (Heavy) to let us know if a package is waiting, so that we know to go there and pick up.

Here is how to address it via USPS:
Dan Eisenbud and Marina Brevdo
C/o Motel 6
PO Box 1260
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Please write on the envelope "Hold for PCT thru hikers".

Now, people have asked what to send us? Letters of course, we love real letters!  And food!  Food that lasts the 2 weeks in the mail, and then is good on the trail.  Food that is light, dense (to fit in the bear canisters), and delicious, and food that is hard to get in the sierra small markets where we are doing our daily shopping. 

Here are some suggestions: beef jerkey, halva (amazing hiker food), dark chocolate things that won't melt, energy bars, almond butter and any salted nuts, nice freeze-dried camping dinners (aka Mountain House), good granola; Kind bars and other nice bars, dried veggies, sealed brownies, salmon in foil.  Any instant powdered things from health food stores are awesome, aka powdered beans, powdered miso soup, or hummus or hot chocolate.
Feel free to pass this info to anyone else who may want it.

Do you have a favorite backpacking food we should know about?  If so, let us know!
With love,
Marina (Cheers!) and Dan (Heavy)

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