Thursday, June 21, 2012

Out of the desert, into the Sierra! (Kennedy Meadows, mile 702)

We're currently at Tom's Place, the property of a hiker-friendly guy across from the Kennedy Meadows store.  It's a collection of small trailers.  We're staying in a tiny one with a double bed, and currently sitting in the internet trailer with some laptops.  We already had pancakes and coffee.  Life is good.

Marina has really gotten up to speed hiking since Tehachapi.  We've done 16 miles a day on average for the last nine days, including a few half days into and out of town.  We stopped in Lake Isabella for a night to resupply a few days ago, ate great burgers and milkshakes, and showered.  We have hiked through brutally hot wind farms, been happy to find a single gnarled Joshua tree that cast enough of a shadow for a mid-afternoon shade break, seen a rattlesnake, a fox, some scorpions, a mole, and probably some other critters.  We're now into meadowy 6000' Sierra terrain, and about to go much higher soon.  The desert was often beautiful, but this is getting way prettier.

We're taking the day off here, picking up packages, figuring out how to fit our bear canisters into our backpacks, etc.  Tomorrow we'll head out for an eight day stretch over the highest terrain on the PCT.  Forester Pass is the highest point at about 13,153', and we'll make a side trip up Mt. Whitney, at about 14,505', the highest point in the lower 48 states.  Our next stop will be at Independence or Bishop, from where we may or may not have internet.  We'll definitely update from mile 900 at Mammoth Lakes, in a couple weeks.  More pictures coming once my dad gets the next SD card I mail him today.

Happy trails!

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