Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sierra CIty: Trail Angels, S. Lake Tahoe Recap, and where to mail us next

Hey y'all!  This is Cheers here.  We are enjoying our time here in Sierra City, where we are staying at the Red Moose Inn, a hiker-hostel type place that's operated by trail angels Bill and Margaret Price.

A lot of you have told me that you are interested in the idea of trail angels.  I am catching up on the internets, and found this interesting article in the Ashland, Oregon paper, which has a weekly series on the PCT.

We have really appreciated the help of all the trail angels we have met along the way, including all the people who have given us food - on and off the trail.  

In particular, we want to thank our friends Sarah D., Natalya E. and John O., who were total troopers last week when they drove up from SF to meet us for our zero day in South Lake Tahoe.  Instead of a calm, relaxing weekend at the lake, they got an insane day of errands and shopping.  Thank you guys for driving us around, helping us shop (including going to 3 stores to find a cute new hiking outfit for my new skinny hiker body), and cooking us delicious food (that lasagna was delicious, Sarah!)  

We also want to thank our friends Adam and Eric, who provided the accommodations for all of us - we stayed Tahoe house.  It was great to stay at the same house where we've come to ski many, many times in the last few years.  This was as close to home as we get on this trip, both in distance and in sentiment, and we did manage to relax by Fallen Leaf Lake at the end of our crazy zero day, in addition to buying and mailing ahead food for a total of 14 days.  Plus, our friends got to see thru-hiker resupply planning in action - crazy!

After leaving Tahoe, we decided to add one more mail resupply for Northern California.  We are going to Drakesbad Ranch!!!!  Check it out:
I, for one, am very excited about my first planned zero day ON THE TRAIL, at a place I've dreamed of visiting for a few years now.  We have found resupplies in town to be stressful as we have to run around and buy lots of food instead of relaxing and staying off our feet.  Drakesband is a fancy resort that's located within the boundaries of Lassen National Park, with a hot springs, pool, a massage therapist (!!!!) , and delicious meals for guests (at 50% discount to PCT hikers) all on site. Added bonus: no shopping needed.  A little bit of stress yesterday to buy and send out this mail drop means we can relax and enjoy our time at Drakesbad, where we hope to be in about a week or so.

We plan to be in Ashland on or after 8/22, which is our first Oregon stop, and we plan to take a zero day there!  If you'd like to send us a postcard, a letter or a package, here is the mailing address: 

D. Eisenbud and M. Brevdo - PCT Hikers 
c/o Callahan's Lodge
7100 Old Highway 99 South
Ashland, OR  97520

Please jot down our ETA (8/22/12) on the front of the box, along with our last names.  More info on their website here: 

This place is on our way into Ashland itself, from where we will buy and mail ourselves food for the rest of Oregon (probably 5 resupply packages!).  If you send us snail mail, as always, please be sure to email us to let us know ahead of time, so we know to look for it once we get to Callahan's. 

Thank you again if you've either sent us or plan to send us packages.  Current craves: Trader Joe's anything, especially their dried bananas and toasted pine nuts; salmon or tuna packed in OIL (not water!) in foil pouches; dehydrated salsa from KillerSalsa (we tried this in S Lake Tahoe), lower-sodium, high-protein dehydrated meals for dinner, and non-peanut butter sources of protein for lunch that mail well, such as almond/hazelnut butter and powdered hummus.  And, as always, dark chocolate.


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