Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sierra City, CA (mile 1197)

We're out of the high mountains now. We went over 8000 feet for the last time on the whole PCT yesterday. We're expecting hotter weather for the rest of California, which should take less than a month. The air at 4000 feet feels positively chewy (the last time the trail went this low was in the desert, though our resupply in Independence was as well.

We're starting to do bigger mileage days. We keep falling just short of 25 but will start doing those too. Marina's feet are feeling better but I'm having some hopefully minor knee problems (in the previously uninjured knee, surprisingly) so I'll keep an eye on that. We took a half day off in town yesterday, which helped.

We're camping in the back yard of the Red Moose Inn, a little establishment that mainly caters to hikers. There's a bigger crowd of PCT hikers here than we've seen in a long while -- maybe about 15.  We need to finish our laundry and eat breakfast and then hopefully a pretty early start this morning before it gets hot.

The trail continues to be pretty and we're having fun. On to the halfway point (in a week and a bit) and then Oregon!

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