Thursday, April 19, 2012

On blogging as procrastination from packing, part II

Hey everyone, this is Marina!  My first post.

Tonight it is my turn to pack and therefore procrastinate by blogging.  Tonight is my very last night with my dad and my mom in Stamford, CT.  Tomorrow I fly to SF, where Dan has been packing up our apartment all by himself, while I have been taking care of my dad and finishing up loose ends to prepare my mom for being the sole caretaker of a cancer patient in-between rounds of chemo.

I love to cook for my parents, and my dad loves my cooking (as does my mom, but my dad especially, even since he's gotten sick he enjoys what I've made for him).  Tonight I cooked my last meal of my visit for him.  I made a Turkey Picadillo with Quinoa, a fine, hearty meal for someone who needs the food to be easy to eat, full of protein and fiber and fluids, and easy on the stomach.  As I was cooking and improvising, I was thinking about how much I'm going to miss cooking on the trail!

Although my dish was a bit different from the original (no tomatos - I replaced them with homemade chicken stock, and no raisins, light on the spices),  I wanted to share the recipe with you:

Serve with quinoa, and make it soupy!

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