Monday, April 16, 2012

Preliminary schedule, and mail

We have a schedule spreadsheet in progress at

The dates are intentionally aggressive: we don't want to miss mail.  We'll figure out how fast we're actually going as we go.  We may even update the spreadsheet from the trail (Google docs is a useful advance over the text file from the AT in 2001.)

Any stop that says "yes" in the "definite mail stop" column is fair game for sending us mail.  If you feel moved to send us letters or postcards, that's great!

If you decide you want to send us a food-based care package, that is also awesome!  We are not counting on unsolicited food packages, so don't feel bad if you don't.  High calorie things that we can't get on the trail easily, and that keep well, are the best bet.  Chocolate covered espresso beans are an excellent kickstarter to the morning, and often hard to come by, for instance.  No cans please; too heavy.

Things other than food that weigh more than an ounce, we probably aren't going to want to carry.  Check first if you have something you really want to send us.

The rows that say "general delivery" as part of the address mean that you should send mail to:

Dan Eisenbud and/or Marina Brevdo
General Delivery
Town, ZIP code

On any mail, please write in the corner "HOLD FOR NORTHBOUND PCT THRU-HIKER".  Putting in the approximate date we'll get there isn't a bad idea either.  Yes, it will really (probably) get there and be waiting for us.

We'll also be checking email (and blogging) on an intermittent basis.  Times between internet access may vary a lot, so don't get too concerned if there's a long radio silence.

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