Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stove again

The first stove, completed.

This is not actually the one from the previous post.  Aside from fitting problems, I found out the hard way that a scratch awl is not the right tool for the pinholes.  Push pins hurt my thumb after a while.  I finally settled on push pins gripped by needle-nosed pliers, swapping out pins every ten holes or so as they got bent.

And it burns!  This was with 90% isopropyl alcohol, which isn't really the ideal fuel.  I think I would have gotten more of a blue flame from the pinholes with denatured.  But there was flame coming out of them, even if you can't see it in this picture.  The aluminum foil tape started coming off the outside, so we'll see how that holds up, though it's not really an essential component anyway.

I'll make at least one more so that Marina and I each have one, and maybe a few spares if I run out of other things to do before we go (unlikely.)

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