Monday, August 13, 2012

Skipping ahead to Ashland, and photos from Mammoth to Bucks Lake

We're about to head to head to Ashland today and hit the trail again tomorrow.  We're skipping ahead far enough that we have an extra week to get to Canada, but we're really going to just hike and have fun and not worry about schedule as much for now.

Here are some photos from the stretch from Mammoth until we got off the trail, with a few non-trail photos from exploring Mammoth with Carlo and Francesca at the end.  Full album here.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lots of news

Lots is new since our last post.  The biggest and happiest news first: we're getting married!  I proposed to Marina just after Sierra City over lunch, and she said yes.  We're both very excited.

Also just after Sierra City, we started to see a huge plume of smoke in the distance.  My knee also began to hurt more and more again.  We eventually decided to take a break at a B&B near Bucks Lake, 20 miles before Belden.  There we found out that there was a giant wildfire ahead, and we'd have to skip to Chester.  We took a full day off, got a ride to Quincy, and took a bus to Chester.  I went to a doctor there who told me I probably had a torn meniscus, which worried me a lot.  We decided to come back to the Bay Area to check it out.  Our friends Carlo and Francesca drove up, explored Lassen with us for a day, and dropped us off in Berkeley last Sunday.

Fortunately, the real knee specialist I managed to see on Monday told me that I just had tendinitis (of the group of tendons called the pes anserinus), not a torn meniscus.  After a week of rest, ibuprofen, and icing, it feels pretty good.  We are figuring out when and where we want to get back to the trail (we don't have time to start where we left and make it before the snow, probably) and will post another update once we're sure about that.